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February was a rough month. And it was one day longer this year, to top it off. I was happy to see it go.

First of all, I had two car accidents within 9 days at the beginning of the month. My poor Betty had $6000 worth of damage to her rear end, but she came out of the body shop looking pretty good. My rental car, the Kia Soul (aka Hamstermobile), also got hit, though not nearly as badly. I’m currently trying to get to the bottom of getting my deductible back from Enterprise on that one.

In other bummer news, Whitney Houston died. Her body flew into the airport I pass on the way to work each day; the airport that was directly to the right of accident where I had been rear-ended several days earlier. It had been a long time since I’d listened to a Whitney song on my iPod, but I was suddenly taken back to 2nd grade, where I’d crushed on a boy while listening to “How Will I Know”, to 5th grade, where we’d had to sing “One Moment in Time” at our graduation, to high school, when The Bodyguard Soundtrack was constantly on the radio. Another piece of my childhood, gone.

And then, on that last day of the month, Davy Jones died. I wrote last year about my history as a Monkees fan, so I won’t rehash that. I’m so glad I got the chance to see them in concert during their last tour. I’ve been listening to the Monkees a lot the past few days, and am taping the marathon on Antenna TV this weekend (I own the first season on DVD but haven’t seen the other episodes in much, much longer).

I’m watching a Tina Turner concert from 2009 on television right now, from the same tour that I got to see during that time. Tina Turner also reminds me of my childhood. My uncle took my grandparents to see her in the eighties, when she was having her “What’s Love Got to Do with It” resurgence. I remember asking my grandmother, at five or six, what “Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken” meant (something about ‘heart’ being said twice there didn’t compute in my brain). It’s for these reasons that I relate Tina to my childhood, and when I see her or hear her, I fiercely miss my grandparents, and am reminded that I’m not getting any younger.

February was kind of a concentrated reminder of that. I’m hoping March will be a bit kinder.

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